Often called the English avant-garde of their era, Bloomsbury artists and designers believed that fine art should inhabit everyday spaces and that the same attention to detail should be lavished on the design of simple decorative objects like pillows or lamps as had been bestowed on the design of a painting or sculpture. Our new Spring/Summer 2017 collection, Untamed Nature, is inspired by this belief as well as by the free flowing forms and geometric patterns that were embraced by the movement. Bloomsbury thrived on bright colors so we’ve paired vivid garden flowers like anemones, hydrangeas, peonies and lilacs with monochromatic ceramic and glass vases for bouquets that are a delight to the eye.

Brooklyn lofts have a style of their own, one that moves away from the sleek minimal vibe of Manhattan and more toward the layered, lush looks of a life built for comfort and functionality. Our new Lofty Looks collection is designed to elevate a space to the next level of texture and depth. Crisp white flowers soften a geometric ceramic vase while maidenhair fern and orchid blossoms add a touch of whimsy to succulents planted in a concrete vessel. These style-forward designs will fuel your creativity and enhance your interiors throughout the year.

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